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Home Health Care

OnPointe at Home Health Services and Programs

Our skilled home health services can provide a wide range of health care programs in your home. Home health is a skilled service that can encompass pain management or palliative care as a bridge to hospice when needed, while continuing therapy for increasing strength and independence. Some patients “graduate” from hospice and are able to return to prior function using home health services.

Here are just a few of our home health programs:

Palliative/ Pain Management Services
Our nurses work closely with your doctor(s) to develop a pain management program that works, including utilizing long and short acting medications. Pain can inhibit participation in daily activities and thus make people appear to need more assistance than they would if their pain was under control. We have nurses available 24/7 to answer questions and ensure your pain management works.

Falls Prevention
Falls happen due to a number of problems, many of which are avoidable. Balance is one of the most important concerns as we age. Our falls prevention program is focused on the three areas of balance: 1) Vision/ Low Vision compensation, 2) Vestibular or inner ear balance 3) Somatosensory or muscle strength and sensation. A total body evaluation is done along with the focus on these areas to determine if medications, blood chemistry, or any other concern may be adding to your difficulty with balance. Home modification or environmental evaluations are done to ensure your home is as safe as possible to prevent falls from occurring.

Breathing Re-education
Many times people are placed on oxygen as a result of hospitalization and/ or illness that may have resolved itself. Often, people are left on oxygen as a safety measure, and may be able to either reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental oxygen. Your therapy team will work with your doctor using pulse oximeters in the field to determine if you are a candidate for breathing re-education. Using resistive inhalation and exhalation exercises, positioning, and proper breathing techniques you may reduce your need for supplemental oxygen. Our long term goal is to reduce your dependence on oxygen so you can spend more time in the community doing the things that you enjoy.

Incontinence is a difficulty shared with many older adults. It is something many people prefer not to talk about but there are solutions to this problem. Exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor, the muscles that aide in emptying the bladder are effective for retention incontinence, and exercises that strengthen the muscles that hold urine back or sphincter muscles can prevent stress incontinence. Scheduling or timed voiding can be the first line of defense against incontinence. Your doctor may be contacted regarding medications that aid in completely emptying the bladder. These medications may be used in conjunction to your therapy exercise program.

Electrical Stimulation for Swallowing
We are excited and proud to offer the most advanced method available for treating swallowing disorders (dysphagia). Our speech language pathology team is trained in electrical stimulation, which can help “retrain” the swallow muscles leading to proper eating, prevention of aspiration, and aid in recovery after swallowing problems occur. Our goal is to get you back to eating the foods you love as safely as possible.

Neurological Rehab
Neurological rehab shouldn’t end after hospital discharge back to the home. Brain injuries and spinal cord injuries require “real world” problem solving in your home environment. Custom seating, pressure reducing surfaces, bowel programs, as well tone/muscle change management are critical in the first year after injury. Cognitive and communication skills training are essential to a smooth transition to living at home again. Our therapy and nursing team have aided patients in the community transition to lead full and successful lives including returning to work.

Lymphedema Management
Lymphedema is seen in swelling of arms and legs as a result of poor or damaged lymph nodes. Results of moderate to severe lymphedema can be pain, skin break down, and poor circulation. Our lymphedema trained therapists and nurses will provide wrapping, massage, and medical intervention to reduce lymphedema problems. Long term solutions such as custom garments, pumps, and medication management are part of the care plan used in Advantage’s Lymphedema Management.

If you have questions about these programs or any other home health questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 505-828-0232 or speak to one of your team members.

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